Go paperless with your personnel recruitment process at your organization with OTS RPS.

With OTS RPS, you’ll always be able to get the right person for the job!

The Inherent Challenges of The Recruitment Process

As the size of organizations increase in the region, their HR departments begin finding it harder and harder to cope with the sheer number of applications that need to be managed for incoming personnel.

While at the same time, companies should be trying to ensure that individuals involved in the management of the recruitment process are spending the most time possible scrutinizing each applicant. As a strict process of scrutiny is what will ensure the very  best individuals join their company, from the limited pool of applicants.

The recruitment process is often overlooked, however it is the single most important step to ensure that the very best are inducted, personnel that your organization will depend on as they grow. Therefore, getting it right from the very beginning is becoming increasingly important not just for the organizations health, but financially too. With turnover costs increasing as pay scales hit all time highs.

To automate the management and paper work behind the process we have developed
OTS-RPS, a recruitment portal that aims to solve these issues and optimize your recruitment process.

What OTS-RPS Does

While everyone agrees that an efficiently run recruitment process can lead to better quality individuals and ultimately lowers turn over related overheads, it’s important to understand the two major parts of the recruitment process.

The first, is the actual administrative processes of physically receiving applications, taking calls from interested parties, notifying candidates your interested, scheduling their interviews, searching job recruitment websites, notifying people whether they did or didn’t get the job and of course sorting/compiling some sort of centralized record of applications for particular positions. Unbelievably during the process of R&D for OTS-RPS we found that 86% of companies in the region discarded information on applicants and their CV’s immediately after the required number of persons were formally inducted after the interview process.

The potential drawback is that when someone is required for that same position months down the road, the process of recruitment begins all over again, wasting time and effort that could be better spent during the second major portion of the recruitment process, interviewing and scrutinizing of applications.

The process of scrutinizing applications deals with interviewing candidates in addition to analyzing their CV’s for weaknesses. This is a purely human driven process that requires a keen eye and intelligence that no application could really help with in the decision process.

However, OTS also found that nearly 34% of the time spent during the recruitment process was on administrative tasks! OTS-RPS essentially automates that approximated 34% of work spent during the recruitment by HR employees on administrative issues. Freeing up that time for further in depth scrutiny of applications and better decision making power, for your HR department.

OTS-RPS Benefits

  • Save time and money on HR overheads
  • Give your organization better candidate decision making power
  • A fully paperless environment during the recruitment process
  • Your organization will exude a highly professional and technologically advanced impression to the job market and professional community
  • Have an ever increasing pool of resumes on your private database that can be tapped whenever requirements arise in the future

OTS-RPS Features

For a start, it includes the ability to centrally store resumes, send notifications via email and SMS automatically to a pool of applicants that match your critera once a job opening occurs, it even allows candidates to upload resumes via the net directly into your database and there is much more.

Every organizations recruitment needs are unique in terms of its requirements and priorities. Hence, flexibility has been built into the RPS to allow easy customization.

For more information in the form of a full list of modules and a brief overview of their capabilities please click here.