OTS UMS was developed to cater to the needs of South Asian and Middle Eastern Educational Institutions and Universities that did not want to invest millions of dollars into a foreign IT software setup.

We have created a product, that requires relatively little customization, having fully understood the major needs of South Asian and Middle Eastern educational institutions.

The greatest strength of our product is it’s functionality. It is straight forward and simple to use, while able to cater for exceptional cases of virtually every area of the educational institutions management the software covers.

OTS UMS was developed under unprecedented procedures and standards in Pakistan. A total of three years was spent in R&D of the system, which consisted of observation at several Universities in the region, mass surveys to gauge student needs and interviews with countless chancellors/education professionals to understand what day to day problems existed in most University setups.

It is this extensive research that makes us confident that we will be able to customize OTS UMS to your satisfaction, delivering lower administrative costs and better organization as your Institution grows.

What UMS Does

The No.1 problem we found with regional universities is that they do not have a central repository for their data. Our studies show that only 8% of institutions use central databases via a VPN setup to connect their various branches cross country. This is an alarming statistic. As it creates a major barrier to smooth management as the institution grows in size. Which probably explains the No.1 complaint that students had for their institutions:

“Poor, disjointed management/administration of student registrations and facilities.”

OTS UMS can solve these issues in an effort to improve your institutions management needs. A list of the modules that are part of our standard UMS shell are:

  •  Student Registration
  •  Research and Development (Student and Professor Thesis Management)
  •  Examinations
  •  Human Resource Management (Professors, students and administration staff)
  •  Finance
  •  Vehicle, Inventory and Library Management

A snapshot of OTS UMS Benefits

  •  Promote better organization and co-ordination between internal administrative departments
  •  Provide greater transparency between the administration and individual teachers activities
  •  Prevent any possibility of class conflicts during scheduling at the beginning of each semester
  •  Reducing the time spent by staff, students and administrators when filling forms
  •  Easily accessible and painless student registration procedures both at admission and course registration level
  •  Grades are easily distributed to students electronically, in a delay free manner

UMS Features

The OTS HMIS provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration and control, improved response to students and transparency in finances. Every educational institution is unique in terms of its requirements and priorities. Hence, flexibility has been built into the UMS to allow easy customization.

The OTS UMS features unparalleled flexibility & scalability, comprehensive report types, easy customization, intuitive visuals and interactive graphics that simplify complex data gathering and entering procedures.

For more information in the form of a full list of modules and a brief overview of their capabilities please clickhere