In 2001, Ora-Tech Systems Introduced Pakistan to Red Hat Linux, these days it’s the gold standard in the Enterprise Computing software space.
Success Stories

  • Pakistan International Air lines
  • Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC)
  • Advocate General Sind
  • First National Equity
  • Pakistan Cables
  • Pakistan Mobile Communication Limited (Mobilink)
  • Pakistan Telecom Mobile Ltd (UFone)
  • Shifa International Hospital
  • Allama Iqbal Open University
  • Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC)
Red hat Linux introduced it’s product in 2001 to the South Asian market. Since then, they have consistently grown to be the single largest provider of Enterprise Level Linux software products in the world. As Enterprise level software evolved over the late 90’s, it became immediately apparent to Red Hat and enterprise users everywhere that a stable OS environment was the highest priority as dependency on IT as a department to run mission critical applications increased dramatically.

While Microsoft has attempted over the years to scale it’s Operating System lines to cater to the demands of enterprise level setups, it simply could not compete with Linux and it’s secure architecture which ensured a virtually virus free and spy ware free environment. Security being the second largest concern after performance in the world of enterprise computing.

Infact, Microsofts predicted inability to compete with Red Hat Linux in the long run has been a widely publicized item in the IT world, don’t just take our word for it, read the BBC article here. technology/7540282.stm

Ora-Tech Systems have, since 2001 effectively predicted this change by first introducing Red Hat to Pakistan to users that already had operational capability and extended our strategy to include the official Red Hat Academy providing a platform for the next generation of certified Red Hat Engineers in the region, through our official training partner Techno-Ed (Pvt) Ltd.

At Ora-Tech Systems, we can offer Red Hat Linux services such as:

  • Licensing on Red Hat’s entire product line found here:
  • Installation and implementation services on Red Hat’s full product line
  • Technical Support Services on Red Hat Linux Products

We have over 8 years of experience and a client list covering more than 5 industry sectors availing 24×7 support around the world.

In addition to these services, Ora-Tech Systems and it’s consultants can perform a feasibility analysis on your current IT setup to improve the performance of your overall setup and thereby decreasing your IT costs by more than you can imagine, with Red Hat Linux.

With the largest ever pool of Red Hat Certified Professionals in Pakistan and an officially certified Red Hat Training Institute (via our education partners Techno-Ed), it does not matter whether your IT company has gone 21st century and made the switch. The important thing to know, is that Ora-Tech can help you make that switch a reality.

“Red Hat continues to make an incredibly valuable contribution to the technology industry by putting its tremendous resources behind Linux and commercializing it for enterprise use. I’ve been a Linux enthusiast for years, and I absolutely trust my organization’s wellbeing to Red Hat.”

David Whiles
Director of Information Systems for
Midland Memorial Hospital

A Look Into The Future?

Success Stories We predict that by 2015 the majority of enterprise computing will be done on a linux platform, the majority of which will be done most definitely on Red Hat Linux Enterprise software if they can keep up this kind of growth.