IBM ECM about 50 Business Processes for the following department is covered.

  •    Land acquisition
  •    Land Transfer
  •    Building control
  •    Finance
  •    Procurement
  •    Public Relations
  •    Information technology 
Organizations come across unstructured content created during the normal course of business. Storage of data at multiple repositories causes repetition of content and effort. Sharing of documents becomes a cumbersome task. Effective reuse of content for multiple purposes is difficult. Overwhelming number of versions of a single document without its history causes difficulty to search for the latest version and leads to confusion. To process the approvals from head office /regional office, distribution and printing costs create another content challenge hence, out-of-date information sometimes leads business decisions based on inaccurate information. The only solution to face this challenge was to create a single “Corporate repository” and implement business workflow. 
 ECM Enhances Business Application

(Procurement Content Lifecycle)

Rapid Access to Documents and Supplier Contracts

 ECM Enhances Banking Applications

Funds Transfer Process For Banks


ECM Smoothes Trade Finance Process