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OTS has implemented IBM ECM Solutions in Oil & Gas, Banking and Real Estate Sectors.
“IBM’s Enterprise Content Management Solution is the future of workplace development in every industry.Content Management Solutions will change how the business world works and redefine internal processes to near perfection, or at least the closest we have ever seen to date.”Farhad Aspy Fatakia
Ora-Tech Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Success Stories

  • Comm. Bank of Dubai (UAE)
  • Gulf International Bank
  • Bank Al-Habib
  • Mari Gas Company Ltd
  • Habib Bank Ltd
  • Defense Housing Authority

ECM Components and Technologies

“ECM, is the future of all work place management software and will be something every single company small or large uses by 2018. It is the future of software and I’m honored Ora-Tech Systems is going to be a part of it.” – Aspy Fatakia, Chairman – Ora-Tech Systems – November 2007

The concept of Content Management Software is simple. Your workplace consists of structured and unstructured data. Structured data is what you have right now in your database, on your hard disks captured in memory. Unstructured data is the piece of paper on your desk, the filled form in your outbox and every single piece of information around you. Gartner reports that 80% of data in organizations is unstructured. Which means, 4 times as much data is outside of your hard drive than inside it.

Content Management Software aims to bridge that gap by allowing you to fully digitize your unstructured data and manage it. So that you never truly have to worry about the inability to retrieve a file from a particular department or worry about losing a note you wrote on a document that’s now missing from your desk.

IBM ECM, allows you to share any and all information you have when you want to, with whom you want to. Through the use of workflows, you can electronically perform every day work procedures, where instead of documents going from desk to desk for approvals they go from computer to computer. Directly, without any user interaction or intervention. From now on, you’ll just have to do your part and let the next person in the process do his.

At Ora-Tech Systems, we strongly believe that the next major enhancement to productivity in all sectors across the globe from an IT perspective is Content Management solutions. The identification of bottlenecks in the work force, the value of unstructured data and the benefits of increased streamlining of HR processes are just a handful of reasons why Content Management is a highly desirable tool in the 21st century.

Ora-Tech Systems has already completed over 5 fully implemented and successfully running IBM ECM projects around the world. We have specialized in IBM ECM for the Banking and Oil & Gas sectors where we have proved time and again, how IBM ECM can not only save you money, but boost your productivity. Day after day.

With over 13 years of experience on IBM products, ECM is no stranger to us. In fact, we already have expertise and ready made products in the following areas of Banking and Oil & Gas. Below is a short list of our products, capabilities and technology experience.

Our Solutions

  • Account Opening process
  • Credit Application (CA)  process from Receipt of documents( legal & security) , Scrutiny of documents, CA approval thru electronic workflow, , Preparation of Facility Memorandum(FM), FM approval thru electronic work flow, disbursement, and archiving of all documents in a customer centric electronic folder, maintained with Credit Administration Department. This Folder with security privileges can be accessed by Operation, Credit back office and other Departments.
  • Trade Finance
  • Loans
  • Treasury
  • Centralized Remittance applications processing.
  • Accounts/administration
  • HR (personnel)
  • Procurement

Other capabilities:

  • Integration of ECM based application with User Business applications.
  • integration with signature application (SIGCAP)
  • Integration with user applications  (Phoenix)
  • Digital signatures in ECM 
  • Email notifications from ECM
  • Email archiving
  • Distributed and centralized scanning solutions
  • Customized reports, using Crystal Reports, actuate and Business objects

Our Technology experience: 

  • IBM Case Manager
  • IBM DataCap
  • IBM Production and Imaging Edition
  • IBM Web sphere portal
  • IBM forms (e-Forms)
  • IBM Common Store for email archiving
  • IBM DB 2

Success Stories:

  • Local Clients:
    • Bank Al-Habib  ……   Complete
    • Allied Bank   ……        Complete
    • Marigas       ………      Complete
    • Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore……….Ongoing
  • Foreign Clients
    • Gulf International Bank    ……………   Complete
    • Commercial Bank of Dubai ……………  Complete

To get more information on IBM ECM’s product offering, you can visit the IBM ECM website here.