The Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation is Pakistan’s largest kidney disease center and public sector health organization.

SIUT was managing their own production environment with no DR and backup solution. With large increase in patient flow during this pandemic, SIUT is facing increasing risk of downtime and lost of data.

SIUT want to have a cloud DR solution that is quick to deploy and affordable to keep their operations uninterrupted. It must be able to easy to manage and scale with increasing patient volume. 

SIUT using custom HMIS application which has Oracle Database at the backend. The main pain point was that there was no DR solution due to financial issues and they opted for OCI so they can setup the DR Of their application

Ora-Tech is a strategic IT partner who have implemented several IT innovations in SIUT.

Ora-Tech proposed a DR on Cloud solution with cloud managed services to give SIUT an end-to-end solution to manage their disaster recovery environment.

During this pandemic, Ora-Tech adopted both physical presence and remote implementation approach with  remote 24/7 service desk support to ensure SIUT has complete peace of mind.

Right now its only DB DR and its active DR. They are working on application as well and will soon be available on DR.

Ora-Tech addressed their issue that there was no DR and they were not willing to spend on hardware that’s why they opted for OCI.


SIUT successfully  moved its database DR on OCI and it took around 1 week to do the migration. Now they are planning to put the production environment on cloud.

Gaining confidence from their first cloud implementation, SIUT is now actively exploring expansion of cloud usage  with other workloads. 

Ora-Tech is currently engaging SIUT for analytics and dashboard on OCI as they do not have any integrated reporting tool.


Ora-Tech has the experience and has attained expertise to deploy DR on Cloud.