Ora-Tech Systems has been partnered with Oracle Software Corporation since 1990 and was the first ever partner i

n the region to attain Certified Advantage Partner status. The highest level of Oracle Partnership available

anywhere in the world prior to the introduction of Platinum Partner status which Ora-Tech Systems attained immediately after its introduction in 2010, continuing its commitment of being the most comprehensively skilled and proven Oracle Partner in the region.

”When Oracles method of recognizing its partners became knowledge and experience specific in 2010, Ora-Tech applied for Platinum Partner status which happens to be the highest level a partner can attain globally. Platinum Partners that have attained specializations in Oracles products have proven superior product knowledge, technical expertise, active reference sites and commitment to Oracle. They receive advanced levels of service, training, benefits and resources.” – Oracle® Corporation Website

With over 18 years of experience on Oracle and an installation base of over 700+ local & international customers Ora-Tech systems has the single largest Oracle foot print in SAGE and proved it in early 2010 when it became the first Platinum Partner in the entire Asia Pacific region (out of 10,000 Oracle partners) to attain more than one specialization. Having acquired certified specialization status on Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Database Real Application Clusters. Both products that were introduced and first implemented in Pakistan by Ora-Tech Systems (Pvt) Ltd.

Ora-Tech Systems was the first company to introduce Maximo® (Enterprise Asset Management Software) to Pakistan in 1995 through MRO Software, which was acquired by IBM in 2005.

Aside from Maximo, Ora-Tech Systems has wealth of local and international experience in various IBM products with our primary focus on IBM Enterprise Content Manager and IBM Maximo which Ora-Tech Systems have implemented at a combined 25 separate reference sites.

Ora-Tech Systems interaction with Red Hat Linux dates back to 2001 when it introduced Red Hat Linux to the Pakistani market, becoming the first distributor of Red Hat Linux products in Pakistan. Currently, Ora-Tech Systems enjoys the rank of Red Hat Ready Business Partner. Ora-Tech System is a well known provider of Linux based Licensing and Technical Support in Pakistan and the region.

Ora-Tech Systems introduced Sonicwall® a leader in Networking and Firewall solutions to Pakistan for the first time in 2003. Since then Ora-Tech Systems has appointed several distributors in the region boosting product awareness and making Sonic wall® a well known brand name here in South Asia

Ora-Tech Systems partnered with HP in 2006 to complement it’s Enterprise level software solutions with Enterprise level hardware solutions. Aside from enjoying HP Business Partner status, Ora-Tech Systems has been extended “Preffered Partner” status in both Government and Education sectors.

Additionally we are well recognized as the HP Procurve enterprise networking solution provider that is credited with the single largest HP ProCurve networking solution reference site in the country. We also represent HP via our authorized service center that has been credited with having the highest qualified technical support team in South Asia.

Ora-Tech Systems were the first distributors of Tripplite® Power Management Solutions in Pakistan, in 2002. Since then, Tripplite based in Chicago, IL has grown into a 630 Million dollar enterprise covering North America, Europe and Asia. Tripplite’s R&D budget almost doubles rivals such as APC and is focused on Enterprise level power management solutions.

Ora-Tech Systems has a long standing relationship with Cisco Systems going back to 2001. We have specialized in mainly enterprise level Cisco Manageable products and their support. Cisco the world wide leader in Networking Hardware, incepted in 1984 however, requires relatively little introduction.
Ora-Tech Systems is the leading partner for the Huawei enterprise level solutions and have successfully delivered to the corporate clients. as being Silver Partner Ora-Tech Systems has engaged top level engineer’s to facilitate the users.

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