Better customer service and more productive cross-selling, all at lower costs and higher profits – this is the promise of customer relationship management (CRM).
Siebel is the worlds best CRM solution in the world and with it’s latest offering in the form of Siebel CRM On-Demand it is now one of the most affordable options out there. Gone are the days where an expensive in-house setup, a large technical support team and a software solution that takes years to implement are necessary.

Oracle has broke ground on a revolutionary new CRM Software model. With CRM On-Demand, clients pay a one time subscription fee to Oracle and in return receive not just technical support but also managed hosting of Siebel on Oracles servers across the world. Your solution is automatically outsourced for a fixed subscription that is built into the license fee and the best part is you only have to pay for the number of users that you require.

With the power of Siebel On-Demand clarity to your sales processes; building loyal, long-term customer relationships; accelerating productivity; boosting call center efficiency; and deriving customer intelligence are just some of the few things you can profit from.

At Ora-Tech Systems, we can provide the necessary expertise to complete your implementation in an extremely short window, in mere weeks or a few months depending on the size of your sales force.

Siebel On-Demand allows a central repository of your sales history to be formed, thereby eliminating embarrassing and sometimes devastating sales figures immediately after strategic sales staff leave your company.

Monitoring of team wise, product wise and individual sales performance with specific reference to easy to add targets however is one of Siebel’s key assets. Never before has a mainstream application been able to deliver real time sales information and results to nearly every level in an organization in such a clear and easy to understand format.

Keeping an eye on your businesses sales, allows your companies senior executives and sales team leaders to make more educated decisions on everything from individual increments to which departments would maximize investment potential by analyzing trends in sales figure data.

The single greatest advantage of Siebel On-Demand is that it scales to any size organization. You pay an easy to calculate, simple to predict cost that is just a fixed rate times the number of users. That way expansion or contraction of your sales team doesn’t require expensive upgrades or larger hardware requirements, just add the number of subscriptions you need at the same fixed rate and you are up in no time at all.

If your business need demands about Customer relationship Management to acquire most powerful, scalable and affordable solution exists you need to look no further than Oracle Siebel On-Demand.

 “The debut of Oracle CRM On Demand Integration to Siebel CRM is an industry-defining step, allowing organizations to quickly and effectively realize the benefits of an integrated CRM system.The deep functionality of on-premise CRM and the rapid deployment and ease-of-use capabilities of ondemand CRM are now powerfully combined for organizations to extract even further value from their
Oracle investments.”

Anthony Lye
Oracle Senior Vice President
CRM Solutions