Once you realize that 12,000 companies use Hyperion software including 91 of the Fortune 100, you already know this is the right choice for your business.
Performance management software is a rapidly growing category of enterprise software that is increasingly used with business intelligence software and enables management and knowledge workers at all levels of business to link strategies to plans, continuously monitor execution against goals, and drive enterprise-wide performance improvement.

Performance management applications integrate with a business intelligence foundation, which can consist of an operational data warehouse or data mart, an analytics engine, business intelligence tools, and analytic applications that provide organizations with timely, proactive, actionable insight that is derived from heterogeneous historical and real-time data sources.

Ora-Tech Systems welcomes the introduction of Hyperion in Pakistan. As Hyperion has long been recognized as the best overall solution provider in terms of performance management and complementary BI tools. With Hyperion on board, we truly believe there are now no barriers to educated business decisions being made by companies in the region of any size. It is truly revolutionary software and believe it will become the absolute norm in the region, for any organization serious about it’s future.

In a tradition of excellence when it comes to Oracle products, Ora-Tech Systems has been appointed the only preferred partner of Oracle® Hyperion in the country. It has secured the single biggest Hyperion deal in Pakistan’s history and currently have implementation capability with our partners working jointly in the region.

Hyperion develops and supports Hyperion System 9, an integrated, performance ma management solution that integrates financial management applications with a business intelligence platform.

“Given that BT Group is a significant user of both Oracle and Hyperion, we foresee tremendous benefits stemming from the combination of the two companies that will result in a cohesive and comprehensive enterprise performance management platform.”

Mandeep Hansra
Head of BI Strategy, BT Group

Hyperion System 9 Applications

It enable financial professionals to formulate strategies, model scenarios and assumptions, develop operational and strategic plans, monitor performance against plans, and consolidate financial information for management and statutory reporting.

Hyperion System 9 BI

It provides a set of management reporting and analysis capabilities, including dashboards, analytics, and reporting.

Hyperion System 9 Foundation Services

It is a solution that synchronizes master data across all enterprise systems, ensures integrity and quality of financial information, and provides data integration capabilities.