We started in 1990 supporting just one Oracle Product: Oracle Database. Today, we support more than 400 customers in 15 separate Products, spanning three different major vendors.
“When it comes to Red Hat Linux, Oracle, Maximo and IBM ECM, they all have something in common. They are all products we not only introduced into region ourselves, they’re ones we have the most experience in the region supporting.”

Farhad Aspy Fatakia
Ora-Tech Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Today every single industry and business is on overdrive; competitive pressures and customer demands are forcing enterprises to re-invent themselves.

To compete in such an environment and by cutting down customer-response times, enterprises are discovering the latent value in enterprise business solutions and electronically enabling their internal systems. However, there are many deterrents and pitfalls such as shrinking budgets, periodic upgrades of IT infrastructure and increasing market demands. In such a scenario, doing more with less is the formula for success.

To stay in the race and win, you need to partner with an experienced service provider, that delivers innovative enterprise services and meet your enterprise business solutions needs.

At Ora-Tech, we leverage the “Power of Partnership” to offer our clients the best enterprise services. Backed with a reputation of offering enterprise software solutions to major global enterprises, our team comprises of software professionals having a broad range of technical and management skills, fortified with sound domain knowledge.

Success Stories:

Over 200+ satisfied Customers To-Date from the FSI, Oil & Gas, Pharmecuticals, Telecommunications and Government Sectors.

What we do …
We help customers optimize their infrastructure on a regional, national and international scale.

How we do it …

A flexible and adaptable organization built on family values, we get things done. Our ‘can do’ attitude means customers enjoy the best of both words; breadth and depth of capability and coverage delivered by people who make decisions and simply get on with it.

Don’t just take our word for it …

With nearly 20 years of experience in our industry, our customer portfolio and best of breed relationships reflect our sustainability and growth. Our culture means that we are enhancing services and continually improving our processes in response to what our customers need. Our track record demonstrates we do what we say, on time and within budgets.
Support Services (Specific to customers needs)
(a) First Line of Support
(b) Enterprise Services
As per Customer needs, a variety of Support services & options are available to select.

POC Centers

In-house R&D Environments
POC equipped with various OS and Hardware
Live setup of TimesTen, RAC and DataGuard.
Live IBM ECM Demos

Ora-Tech can improve your database performance using its expert domain knowledge by 50% within your existing environment.