In the 21st century, the biggest enemy of the IT industry is downtime. While companies have increased their dependency on technology, the counter point of increasing their expenditure on ensuring that technology is a smooth running machine becomes an ever increasing concern.

From a software point of view Ora-Tech Systems single handedly introduced Oracle, Maximo (now IBM Maximo®) and Red Hat Linux to the Pakistani market over the last 23 years.

From a hardware and networking point of view, we have closed over 60,000 + support calls and counting in our 23 year history. There is no single more qualified team in the country in terms of experience to help you with the maintenance plus repair of your Hardware and Networking Equipment.

With more software implementations and hardware support experience than any other partner in the region we are in the best position to provide you with technical support service that meets your business needs.

Aside from our regular on-call services, we deal in customized support services contracts that will allow us to meet your specific needs, above and beyond the call of duty. Any time, any where across the country.

We also offer a host of I.T Training courses and facilities through our partners.
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